Anti Discrimination Policy (Inc. Anti Racism/Sectarianism Policy)


This policy is designed to provide clarity to employees, stakeholders, supporters, and everyone connected with Bangor Football and Athletic Club Ltd on the club’s attitude to issues of racial harassment and abuse. It is further designed to promote good relations between persons of different ethnic or national groups and to preserve the good name of the club.

The club condemns racism in any form, either on or off the pitch. The club aims to create and maintain a working and spectating environment free from racial harassment and abuse. Everyone connected with the club has a responsibility to prevent racial harassment or abuse


The Board of Bangor Football and Athletic Club Ltd is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the Club at every level. Our commitment is to eliminate discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, age, religion or physicality.

These commitments include:

  • Selection and appointment of employees
  • Selection and appointment of volunteers
  • Training courses
  • External coaching and educational activities/awards
  • Team selections


A racist incident is defined by the club as any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim, or any other person. Racial harassment is defined by the club; to be any verbal, physical, written or visible abuse that is based on a person’s race, ethnic background, colour, nationality, language or cultural background – and is considered to be unwanted, unacceptable and/or offensive to the person. This includes racial chanting, abuse of players and officials, opposing teams and abuse aimed at players.

Disciplinary Action

Proven racial harassment or abuse will lead to action being taken against employees. Similarly, such behaviour by a spectator will be reported to the police and may result in a life ban from the club. The club will give their full support to the police in any criminal actions.

Bangor Football and Athletic Club Ltd will not tolerate or condone racist, sectarian, sexist or any other form of discriminatory behaviour whether physical or verbal. The Club will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs. The Club therefore fully endorses and has implemented the recommendations contained in UEFA’s Ten Point action plan (Annex A) which deals specifically with racism in sport. Supporters will also be informed on a regular basis that racist taunts and abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated by the club and will be encouraged to condemn and report such behaviour.

Any supporters (home or visiting) behaving in this way will be detained by stewards, passed to the Police, and may be arrested. Season ticket holders detained for such a reason, face having their season ticket revoked and all spectators detained in this way face a life ban from the stadium.

Furthermore, the Club fully supports the IFA’s Football For All campaign “Kick it Out” in relation to indecent, racist or sectarian chanting which can attract a fine of up to £1000 under NI Spectator Behaviour legislation. We will continue to work in conjunction with them and endorse and demonstrate our commitment to their cause


To help supporters complain if they have been the victim of abuse or have witnessed an incident of discrimination or harassment, or anything of concern, Bangor Football and Athletic Club Ltd should be contacted via email

Should you feel the necessity to report the incident to Kick It Out rather than the Club, supporters should ring freephone number (0800 169 9414), or email

Review Period

The Board of Bangor Football and Athletic Club Ltd undertake to review on a yearly basis the procedures for implementing this policy to ensure that all incidents are properly notified and dealt with appropriately.

Annex A

UEFA 10 point Action Plan Against Racism

  1. Issue a statement saying the Club will not tolerate racism, spelling out the action it will take against those engaged in racist chanting. The statement should be printed in all match programmes, included in the Club’s website and displayed prominently around the ground.
  2. Make public address announcements condemning racist chanting at matches.
  3. Make it a condition for season ticket holders that they do not take part in racist abuse.
  4. Take action to prevent the sale of racist literature inside and outside the ground.
  5. Take disciplinary action against players who engage in racial abuse.
  6. Contact other Clubs to make sure they understand the Club’s policy on racism.
  7. Encourage a common policy between stewards and police for dealing with racist abuse. An information booklet could be produced for advising stewards.
  8. Remove all racist graffiti from the ground as a matter of urgency.
  9. Adopt an equal opportunities policy in relation to employment and service provision. This policy will be reviewed periodically by the Club’s Board of Directors.
  10. Work with all other groups and agencies such as players unions, supporters, schools, voluntary organisations, youth clubs, sponsors, local authorities, local businesses and police to develop pro-active programmes and make progress to raise awareness of campaigning to eliminate racial abuse and discrimination. This policy will be highlighted in formal written contact with such groups and agencies.

(Page last updated: 26/01/2021)